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Shark Attack! - An Arcana Heart Story
Shark Attack!
An Arcana Heart Fan Fiction
by Derald Snyder
"Yay! The beach!" cried five-year-old Eko.
The young girl, along with her 'sisters' Weiss and Scharlachrot, had come to the local beach for a day of fun and relaxation. Also accompanying them was their commander-slash-guardian, Petra Johanna Lagerkvist, along with her two servants Nora and Rosa.
"Now, now, Eko," Petra cautioned, " At least let Nora get your floaties on before you go running into the water..."
"OK!" the kindergartener agreed, holding out her arms so Nora could slide the floaties on. Meanwhile, Rosa and Weiss were busy unloading the towels, chairs, and umbrella, Scharalchrot standing impatiently to one side, already dressed in a red-rimmed black bikini.
"So, Commander," Weiss spoke to Petra, "What exactly is the objective of this mission?"
"Ugh, Sophie," Scharlachrot face-palmed, "There is no mission! We're just here to relax, for Cthulhu's sake!"
"Relax...?" Weiss blinked, as if the very concept were foreign to
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Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy Ep. 27
The Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy
Episode 27
by Derald Snyder
"Peach Caroline Macintosh! What in the world were you thinking, picking a fight with a CPU?!"
The woman currently berating Peach bore a somewhat similar appearance in face and hairstyle, though her face was beginning to show wrinkles from age. Also, she was no-where near as muscular as the soldier, nor as tall or 'endowed'. Despite this, the younger blonde still flinched away from her in mild shame, still covered in bandages.
"Caroline?" Chika couldn't help but chuckle.
"Chika, not now," Vert chastised her Oracle.
"Honestly, I thought you would have grown out of this once you met Adrian and joined the military!" Lisa Macintosh continued to scold her daughter. "Haven't I always told you that CPUs are meant to be revered and respected? Haven't I?"
"But, Mom..." Peach weakly protested.
"Don't you 'but Mom' me!" Lisa cut her off. "I know Leanbox is our home now, but Planeptune was where you were born! How could y
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Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy Ep. 26
The Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy
Episode 26
by Derald Snyder
"OW! Compa, you're pulling the bandages too tight!" Peach cried in pain.
"Oh, s-sorry," the nurse apologized as she loosened the bandages. "I'm not used to bandaging somebody with a bust the size of Vert's..."
"Damn my ample bust again!" the soldier groaned. "I swear, there are times I wish I could swap chests with Lady Blanc...!"
"Aww, don't say that!" the younger Peashy moaned. "I like being all bouncy-bouncy, why don't you?"
"Because too many boys have tried to grab my bouncy-bouncies, that's why," Peach sighed.
"So just mash 'em flat!"
"I *do* mash them flat, but they just keep coming!"
"That's... another reason... I wear wrappings..." a gruff voice cut in.
"Oh, you're awake!" Compa exclaimed. "How are you feeling, Uzume?"
"Like I just got the crap beat outta me," the redhead snarked. "Probably 'cause that's exactly what happened..."
"So are you sowwy for bein' a meanie?" little Peashy demanded.
"Be nice, Peashy
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Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy Ep. 25
The Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy
Episode 25
by Derald Snyder
Peach paid her fare as she got off the bus, walking towards Planeptune's Basilicom, looking forward to her meeting with little Peashy. (Just hope she's not in HDD this time...) Knocking at the door, she was swiftly granted access by one of the Basilicom's priests who recognized her.
"Would you happen to know where the, um, smaller me is?" the blonde inquired politely.
"Currently being treated by Miss Compa for a... recent injury," the priest hedged.
"Wh-what? What happened?!" Peach demanded.
"It... it might be better for Miss Compa to explain it herself," the priest deferred. (That way, I won't have to suffer the brunt of your wrath....) "Right this way," he spoke aloud, turning and walking off, Peach following worriedly...
*Elsewhere inside the Basilicom...*
To Uzume's surprise, it wasn't Neptune who was the most upset at her, but rather...
"You used your megaphone on Peashy at point-blank range?!" sc
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Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy Ep. 24
The Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy 
Episode 24
By Derald Snyder
Uzume Tennouboshi was the kind of girl who was always ready and raring for a good scrap. She wasn't afraid to get her own hands dirty when it came to fighting enemies and monsters, which her well-worn fighting gloves could attest to.
But even she had her limits.
"Usu-meeee! Play with meee!" squealed Yellow Heart as she chased Uzume's HDD form, Orange Heart, through the skies of Planeptune.
"I don't wanna!" Orange wailed. "You hurt me too much when you're all big like this!"
"If big sis can handle me, so can you!" Yellow retorted, conveniently forgetting that she usually played with with 'older sister' Peach in her five-year-old human form. Then again, she was only five....
"I said no!" Orange shot back as she tried to weave in and out between buildings, in the hope of losing her.
"Are we playing tag?" the thought suddenly occurred to Yellow Heart. "Yay! I love tag! I'm gonna make you iiiiiit!" she cried
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Law and Order: Leanbox- Epilogue
Law & Order: Leanbox
by Derald Snyder
APRIL 11, 10:15 AM
"Madam Foreperson," stated the judge, "Has the jury reached a verdict?"
"We have, Your Honor."
The judge nodded. "The defendant will rise." Samantha Lisand and Rei Ryghts slowly rose to their feet. "What is your verdict?"
"We the jury, on the charge of Murder in the Second Degree, hereby find the defendant, Miss Samantha Lisand, Not Guilty." The crowd began to murmur... "However, Your Honor," she quickly continued, "we find the defendant Guilty of the lesser charge of Manslaughter in the First Degree."
"So say you all?"
"Yes, Your Honor."
The judge nodded in satisfaction. "Defendant is hereby remanded to custody, pending sentencing." He then banged his gavel to bring a formal end to the trial.
McCoy and Isles quietly gathered their papers in preparation to leave, McCoy briefly looking over at the defense's bench. Rei and Samantha were exchanging some hushed words with eac
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Law and Order: Leanbox- ORDER, Part 4
Law & Order: Leanbox
ORDER, Part 4
by Derald Snyder
*At the local prison's visiting room...*
"It's game over, Major," Jared McCoy stated, as he and Rizzoli Isles sat across from Tom Peloton and his NPC lawyer, the former having had his military uniform swapped for prison garb. "We know that you conspired with Lowee druglords to ship Metroid into Leanbox under the guise of acquiring military ordnance. That's why Ms. Lisand targeted your unit."
"And as Lady Vert's representative, I feel the need to tell you that she is not happy at all with you right now," said Peashy as she leaned against the wall. "And neither am I, for that matter. Far as I'm concerned, Joe's blood is on your hands, Major..."
"Dammit, Peach," Tom sighed as he ran his hands through his short hair. "Nobody was supposed to get hurt- it was just a one-time deal..."
In response, Jared held up a photo of Joseph Starr's corpse. "I don't think your lieutenant would agree with you..."
"Is there an offe
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Law and Order: Leanbox- ORDER, Part 3
Law & Order: Leanbox
ORDER, Part 3
by Derald Snyder
APRIL 7, 12:50 PM
"We checked his home, his office, and all over the base. No sign of Major Tom anywhere," Bennie Crisco reported.
"Yeah, and seeing as that contact number for the weapons supplier was a burn phone, we can't trace it," Eddie Green added. "But we did find that their fake contact page came from a server in Lowee..."
"Which corroborate's Lady Blanc's and Ms. Lisand's statements," Lita Van Braun nodded. 
"You think the major felt the heat and flew the coop?" Green pondered.
"Well, if he did, none of his subordinates are cooperating," Bennie sighed. "Gotta admire their loyalty if nothing else..."
"Also, we checked Storage Shed 13, turns out it was completely empty," Eddie said. "The guys from Peloton's unit looked pretty confused at that, so..."
"So maybe they were duped. You try asking anyone outside his unit?" Lita suggested.
"Yeah, hey," Eddie snapped his fingers,
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Law and Order: Leanbox- ORDER, Part 2
Law & Order: Leanbox
ORDER, Part 2
By Derald Snyder
APRIL 7, 9:43 AM
"So tell us, Lady Blanc," Jared McCoy inquired to a holoscreen showing the Lowee CPU's face, "What tools or weapons does Ms. Lisand use when she hunts a bounty?"
"She uses a custom-designed powered armorsuit," Blanc replied, "with an arm cannon on the right arm. It also has special abilities to increase its speed and manuverability."
"Such as an enhanced jump?" said McCoy.
"Yes, she has the ability to spin jump several times in the air," Blanc nodded, "As well as a feature that surrounds her suit with lethal amounts of electricity during a spin jump."
"Consistent with witness statements about seeing a swirling ball of energy immediately following the shootout," Jared stated. The CPU's eyes widened slightly at this, but she maintained her composure, even as the crowd began to murmur. The judge banged his gavel once, then nodded at the prosecutor to proceed.
"What about her arm cannon?"
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Law and Order: Leanbox- ORDER, Part 1
Law & Order: Leanbox
ORDER, Part 1
By Derald Snyder
"Docket number 154388!" declared the bailiff. "People v. Samantha Lisand, charge is murder in the second degree."
"How does your client plead, counselor?" the female judge addressed Lisand's lawyer, an NPC in a business suit.
"Not Guilty," Samantha stated, now clad in a loose blue tank top and matching shorts, her C-cup size bust visible for all to see.
"People on bail?" the judge turned to the ADA.
"The People request remand, Your Honor," stated ADA Rizzoli Isles. She was clad in a tan-colored business suit and skirt, with short jet-black hair, brown eyes and a relatively modest bust. "The defendant is a Lowee national with military experience, who was getting on a bus at the time of her arrest, she's clearly a flight risk."
"If I may, Your Honor," Lisand cut in, "The truth is, I'm a bounty hunter, on a secret mission from Lady Blanc herself." Her lawyer looked at her incredulously, as the crowd began to chatter in confusi
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Law and Order: Leanbox- LAW, Part 3
Law & Order: Leanbox
LAW, Part 3
by Derald Snyder
APRIL 4, 2:13 PM
As Peashy and the detectives entered the bar, the former now dressed in a white t-shirt under a yellow hoodie and black denim jeans, several catcalls rose from the mostly male crowd.
"Bombshell at 10 'o'clock!" exclaimed one of the men, causing the blonde soldier to sigh in mild exasperation. Her D-cup bust really was a curse sometimes...
"Sorry, fellas, she's spoken for!" Bennie proclaimed as he held up his detective's badge, to try and head off any potential altercations... 
Unfortunately, one large, burly NPC failed to get the hint as he stood and approached the three. "Ya don't speak for me!" he stated, shoving both Crisco and Green aside. "C'mon, pretty thing, let's ditch these two losers and go party somewhere private!"
Peach was unimpressed. "I can tell you're not gonna take no for an answer, so... let's party!" With that, she struck the brute in the solar plexus, stunning him, befor
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Law and Order: Leanbox- LAW, Part 2
Law & Order: Leanbox
LAW, Part 2
by Derald Snyder
APRIL 4, 11:17 AM
Bennie Crisco, Eddie Green, and Peach in full armor walked into the mess hall, where several soldiers were eating an early lunch.
"Hey!" called Bennie, holding up his detective's badge. "Any of you from 82nd Unit? We need to ask some questions!"
"Yeah, we wanna get justice for Joe!" Peashy called out. A few voices called to her in recognition, while one man stood up from his lunch and turned to face the detectives as they approached.
"You from 82nd Unit?" Bennie asked.
"Yes sir!" the man saluted. "Corporal Michael Fitzgerald, 82nd Unit. Although, truth be told, I was expecting JAG..."
"Lady Vert pulled a few strings," Peach explained. "Given what happened last time with Adrian..."
"Yeah, I heard about that. Glad he was acquitted," Fitzgerald nodded.
"So you were there last night?" Eddie pressed.
The corporal heaved a sigh. "Yeah, I was there... poor Joe, never knew what hit him..."
"Well, wh
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Law and Order: Leanbox- LAW, Part 1
Law & Order: Leanbox
LAW, Part 1
By Derald Snyder
"...this place was where my girl and I first met," stated the NPC witness as he leaned on the hood of his car, talking with Bennie Crisco. "Never thought we'd be driving up on a gunfight..."
"So what prompted you to climb up the cliff?" the older detective asked.
The NPC sighed. "Look, I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I saw.... like, this swirling ball of energy coming from the top of the cliff! For a moment I though it might come down on us..."
"OK, well where did it come down?" Bennie asked.
"Somewhere over there, I think," The NPC pointed to the boulders to the left. "Figured I'd see where it came from, that's how I found the body."
"Hey, get someone from Forensics over there!" Bennie shouted to a nearby officer, who nodded. "You see or hear anything else?"
"Well, we heard gunfire before the energy ball appeared..." the shadow-man muttered.
Meanwhile, Eddie Green was busy grilling the girlfriend. "So you said you heard gunfi
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Law and Order: Leanbox- Prologue
In Leanbox's criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important, groups: the police who investigate crime, and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.
This is one of their stories.
It was a clear, starry night on the outskirts of Leanbox City.
A red convertible pulled up to a rocky out cropping, an NPC male driving with a female NPC in the passenger seat.
"Here we are," the shadow-man declared.
"What sort of place is this for a romantic getaway?!" his date complained.
"Aww, don't you remember? This is where we first met," the man attempted to jog his girlfriend's memory. Pointing, he continued, "See, I was standing right up there trying to steel myself to do a daredevil stunt by jumping off there... and then you pushed me."
"Oh!" the woman gasped. "Now I remember! You ended up with a broken arm and some fractured ribs. You were in the hospital for weeks..."
"And you were at my side every day," the N
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Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy Ep. 23
The Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy
Episode 23
By Derald Snyder
Nepgear was busy checking tech-blogs on the Internep when she got a Nepbook notification. Opening a new browser window, she checked her Nepbook account... and immediately burst into giggles.
"What's up, Nep Jr.?" Neptune asked as she walked into the room.
"This picture that just popped up on Nepbook!" Nepgear said, pointing to the computer screen, which showed a picture of Neptune's head on a tuna fish, and also Neptune's head on a can of tuna. The caption read: 'Introducing: Nep-tuna! With that familiar Neptune zest you all know and love (or hate)!'
Neptune blinked several times. "Ohhh-kaaaay... That must've been big Peashy that came up with that... she's the only one I can think of, anyway..."
"Maybe..." Nepgear shrugged, before a chime sounded from the computer. "Oh look, it's another picture!"
"Lemme see," muttered the CPU as she stood next to her sister. As her eyes took in the details of this new picture, said
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Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy Ep. 22
The Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy 
Episode 22
by Derald Snyder
Despite it being the dead of winter, an innocent suggestion had caused things to spiral out of control, and the Console Wars had resumed between Lowee and Leanbox once more.
Peach hunkered down behind the embankment, wishing she'd been clad in her armor rather than winter clothes. The enemy was close, and one wrong move would result in a barrage of ordnance. Lowee was no stranger to winter combat, and their experience was definitely giving them the edge here. Chika had already been downed by a hit to the chest, currently laying on the ground, shivering from the cold... Peach chanced a glance over the wall, only to immediately duck as the enemy opened fire... thankfully, their ordnance sailed over her head and exploded harmlessly behind her.
"Sergeant!" A familiar voice called. "What's the situation?"
"Not good, Lady Vert," Peach shouted back. "Chika's down for the count, and the enemy's got
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[HDN] High Interstice - Rei and Umbriel
Mama glared at the back door with a pursed lip and a fist on her hip. Just because the front door said ‘Closed’, that didn’t mean anyone could get service at the back door of a restaurant. Who was bothering her at the crack of dawn, anyway?
Fine, whatever. Mama put down her rolling pin and opened the back door.
The young woman behind the door flinched, whereas Mama raised an eyebrow. Holy smokes, the early bird was well-dressed; she wore a black suit and a skirt that wouldn’t look out of place in a board meeting. Her glasses topped off the academical air, although her blue eyes flickered up and down between Mama and the pavement. Her hair, long and bluish-silver, was as straight and smooth as someone coming out of the hairdresser’s. That all said, Mama thought the white horn on the side of her head and the skulls on her belt and gauntlets were a tad unnerving.
Mama raised an eyebrow. What would an occultist businesswoman want with
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Super Saiyan Ahri by ZakuraRain Super Saiyan Ahri :iconzakurarain:ZakuraRain 132 29 Adult Peashy by EugeneBrick Adult Peashy :iconeugenebrick:EugeneBrick 65 14 Blaster Master Eve by Jorichi Blaster Master Eve :iconjorichi:Jorichi 6 2 Jason And Eve by xXArtistic14Xx Jason And Eve :iconxxartistic14xx:xXArtistic14Xx 42 16
Blaster Master Zero Review
Blaster Master Zero Review - Written by Jose Vega
Purchased product for the sake of the review.
During the era of the NES, a game called Blaster Master was released made by Sunsoft. It was a fun game that got a lot of praise but sadly not a lot of love. It was overlooked but it did have a legacy that lasted almost 20 years, spawning a sequel, spin-offs, and a re-imagining. In November 2016, Inti Creates announced that they plan to try their luck on the franchise with a retro 8-bit remake called Blaster Master Zero. The guys at Inti know how to deliver good titles such as Azure Striker Gunvolt as well as the Mega Man Zero & ZX series but could they pull it off with this? The answer is simple. Yes.
Blaster Master Zero is an 8-bit remake of the original and since it is, the plot is similar. The story is set on Earth, set centuries after humanity was able to restore the planet after it plunged into an ice age due to endless wars. It focuses on a scientist named Jason Frudnik who fin
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Silvally Report
Silvally (the Synthetic Pokémon) is an exceptionally rare Normal-type Pokémon found only in the possession of a few trainers and researchers in the Alola region. Designed to be the ultimate bioweapon ever created by Pokémon researchers in the Alola region, Silvally are vicious beasts whose unbridled power allows them to adapt to any situation in battle and prove to be an incredibly dangerous force to go up against. They might not have anything on the stats of Arceus, but these versatile beasts still have the flexibility to take down just about any Pokémon, and you would be a fool not to bow down before the might of these Ultra-Beast-killing cyborgs!
Type: Null and its evolved form, Silvally, are different from nearly every other species of Pokémon because they are more than just artificial: they are completely synthetic life forms. Type: Null was created originally in response to the threat posed by Ultra Beasts and the Ultra Wormholes that allowed the extradim
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Hyperdimension Neptunia SFM: White Heart with cake by Spatio Hyperdimension Neptunia SFM: White Heart with cake :iconspatio:Spatio 32 3 SELFIE! - 1 by LenBarboza SELFIE! - 1 :iconlenbarboza:LenBarboza 126 9


Went for a camping trip this past weekend, and then had a rough few days at my job, so I'm too tired to work on anything at the moment...
Shark Attack!
An Arcana Heart Fan Fiction
by Derald Snyder

"Yay! The beach!" cried five-year-old Eko.
The young girl, along with her 'sisters' Weiss and Scharlachrot, had come to the local beach for a day of fun and relaxation. Also accompanying them was their commander-slash-guardian, Petra Johanna Lagerkvist, along with her two servants Nora and Rosa.
"Now, now, Eko," Petra cautioned, " At least let Nora get your floaties on before you go running into the water..."
"OK!" the kindergartener agreed, holding out her arms so Nora could slide the floaties on. Meanwhile, Rosa and Weiss were busy unloading the towels, chairs, and umbrella, Scharalchrot standing impatiently to one side, already dressed in a red-rimmed black bikini.
"So, Commander," Weiss spoke to Petra, "What exactly is the objective of this mission?"
"Ugh, Sophie," Scharlachrot face-palmed, "There is no mission! We're just here to relax, for Cthulhu's sake!"
"Relax...?" Weiss blinked, as if the very concept were foreign to her.
"Scharlachrot is correct," Petra nodded, "You've been working very hard lately, so I thought you might need a day off. To put it in terms you would understand... if you keep the blade unsheathed, you will end up cutting yourself."
"Understood... I think," Weiss replied.
"C'mon, White, Red! Let's go swimming!" Eko cried as she dashed off to the water.
"H-hey, wait up, Eko!" Scharlachrot gave chase.
"Shall we change into our swimsuits, then?" Petra suggested. "Nora and Rosa can handle setting up the towels and chairs..."
"Orders received, Commander!" The albino saluted.
"Weiss..." Petra said in an admonishing tone.
"Uh... I mean, yes, Petra."

"Splashy splashy!" said Eko as she sent water flying with her hands. Suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed her, lifting her up... "Ahhh! Don' throw me, Red!"
"I'm not gonna throw you," Scharlachrot shook her head. "I'm just putting you in this little inner tube, so you can go out a little farther, alright?"
"Yay! You're the best, Red!" the five-year-old exclaimed as her sister set her in the tube. "I'm gonna be a boat now! Watch me go! voom, voom!" she mimed a boat's engine as she started paddling out to deeper water, Scharlachrot keeping an eye on her.
Meanwhile, Petra and Weiss were laying on their front sides on beach towels, while Nora and Rosa respectively applied sunscreen. Weiss was now wearing a black bikini, albeit slightly more modest then Scharalchrot's, while Petra wore a white one-piece.
"I do not understand the point of this activity, Command- erm, Petra..." Weiss caught herself.
"Just exposing ourselves to the sun, to get our skin tanned," the noblewoman replied. "Your skin could certainly use a little more color," she gestured to Weiss' pale white complexion.
"However, too much exposure can have negative side-effects," Nora spoke up.
"Which is why we are applying this sunscreen, as a precaution," Rosa added.
The Valkyria considered this for a moment. "...I still don't understand."
Petra could only sigh. "Just lie still for a few minutes... I will inform you when to turn over."
"...Very well." Weiss nodded, closing her eyes and clearing her mind. But in doing so, her senses picked up on something... an unnatural presence, trying to hide itself... Her eyes shot open as she abruptly stood to her feet. "Commander, I'm sorry, but I must disobey those orders!"
"What is it now?" Petra sighed in mild exasperation.
"...I believe we are being spied upon, by someone... or something inhuman," the former soldier lowered her voice slightly. "And as you know, my instincts have never led me wrong before..."
Petra turned her head to look Weiss in the eye, quickly realizing the albino would not be dissuaded. "So be it, Weiss. Go and conduct a search of the surrounding area... but do try to be discreet about it."
"Understood, Commander!" Weiss saluted, before turning and heading off.
"...Nora, would you mind having my weapons ready, just in case?" the noblewoman requested to her servant.
"Yes, Lady Petra! I shall retrieve your ether-pistols at once!" Nora acquiesced.

Weiss moved slowly across the beach, looking around carefully at the other people who were enjoying themselves... (I know I sensed it around here somewhere...) Closing her eyes again, she concentrated... (There!) Turning in the direction where the presence was strongest, she opened her eyes...
...seeing a tall, well-endowed woman with long white hair and dark skin laying on a beach chair, dressed in a red bikini and with a golden bangle on her right arm, as well as a pair of red-rimmed sunglasses covering her eyes, making it difficult to tell if she was asleep or not. Frowning, the Valkyria approached the woman, her shadow falling over the lady's face...
"...Do you mind?" the woman spoke up, pulling her sunglasses down, revealing red eyes not unlike Weiss' own. "I'm trying to get a tan here..."
"A lie," Weiss stated bluntly. "Your skin is already dark enough as it is... you have been spying on us, have you not?"
"And just what do you base your inane accusation on?" the older woman challenged.
"I had trouble sensing it before, but... you appear to have an usually high amount of celestial energy surrounding you," Weiss elaborated. "Almost as if... you are not of this plane."
The other woman frowned at this, sitting up straight, Weiss stepping back and taking a defensive stance. "...Even if what you say is true, what makes you think I am a threat to you?"
"Because we have battled you in the past," Petra spoke as she walked up from behind Weiss, ether pistols in hand. "Parace L'Sia, I presume?"
Weiss blinked once in confusion. "Parace L'Sia? As in, the Arcana of Life?"
The older woman just chuckled as she stood up, crossing her arms. "Well met, Petra Johanna Lagerkvist. It seems that I could mask my presence from you, but not from your loyal dog..."
"I am not Konoha," the albino stated matter-of-factly. "You will disclose your intentions to us immediately, or else force will be exercised."
"Speaking in such a manner... you must be an artificially-created maiden from the Drexler Institute," Parace observed. "But to be blunt, I am the least of your worries at this point..."
"What does that mean?" Petra pressed.
"Well," Parace smirked, "There are all sorts of dangerous creatures in the water nowadays..." As she said this her gaze shifted to look out over the water...
"Keep an eye on her, Weiss," Petra ordered as she turned to look herself, scanning the water... then just beyond the swim-area buoys, she saw it! "A shark?!"
Upon hearing that, Weiss' eyes went wide as something occurred to her. "Eko! Scharlachrot!" She swiftly turned and ran off towards the water...
 And then all hell broke loose.

There was a panic as people freaked out, swimmers exiting the ocean as fast as they could, those on land running for their lives. Unfortunately, this hindered Weiss' path, as she tried to force herself upstream against a tide of fleeing humans...
Fortunately, Scharlachrot had seen the shark's fin herself. "Eko! Get back here! The shark's gonna eat you!"
"Ahhhh!" the little girl cried in fear as she tried to paddle towards land as fast as she could... but the amount of splashing she made apparently attracted the shark's attention, as the fin turned and sailed right towards her!
(She's not gonna make it!) Scharlachrot thought in panic, before getting an idea. Materializing one of her trademark chains, she lashed it out toward her sister. "Grab on! Hurry!"
Eko fumbled for a moment before grabbing hold, getting pulled literally out of her inner tube just before the shark reached it, the tube abruptly deflating and being pulled under. Eko sailed through the air and was caught by Scharlachrot, through the redhead lost her balance and fell on her butt. But then, the shark inexplicably leapt out of the water, only it's outline visible in the sun's glare, Scharlachrot turning over to shield Eko with her own body...
Only for the aquatic creature to get kicked out of the air by Weiss, who had finally gotten through the crowds. "Scharlachrot! Take Eko and run!" the albino cried as she assumed her battle-mode, her blond hair growing down to her ankles as black gauntlets appeared on her wrists.
"Don't gotta tell me twice!" The redhead replied as she righted herself and took off, sand being kicked up by her feet as she fled.
"Get that fish lady, White!" Eko yelled encouragingly.
(Fish lady...?) Weiss blinked in confusion, as the creature stood on its legs... (Wait, it has legs?!) Indeed it did, and arms for that matter. It's head had a crest that resembled the head of a hammerhead shark, but below that, it possessed an actual humanoid face, with yellow eyes and green bangs of hair framing said face. It's body was thin and lanky, and not only did it have the telltale fin on it's back, but also fins extending from it's thighs and lower legs. A pink bow tied around her tail confirmed that she was female.
"MONSTER!" screamed one of the remaining beachgoers, causing everyone remaining save Parace and the Arcana Maidens to flee.
"Wh-what is that thing?!" Petra gasped in shock.
"My latest creation," Parace expounded. "Codename: Shark Girl. Magnificent, isn't she?"
"You made that thing?!" Petra looked back at the Arcana of Life. "But I thought you were an alchemy expert, not biology..."
"Well, when you've been around as long as I have, you tend to dabble in other fields on occasion," Parace shrugged, before calling to Shark Girl, "Attack, my pet! Show no mercy!" 
Standby, Angel! FIGHT!
The monster snarled, before lunging headfirst at her opponent, sharp teeth bared...
Only to get kicked in the jaw by Weiss, who summoned an obsidian-colored blade from her right gauntlet, before slashing at her adversary, Shark Girl just barely managing to spin out of the way. The creature then formed a shark's head from its arms, lashing out with a vicious bite, managing to catch Weiss' blade and break it off.
"Weiss!" Petra gasped, moving to run over and join her... only to get grabbed in a one-armed headlock.
"Now, now, you're not thinking of interfering, are you?" chuckled Parace L'Sia, who had transformed into her battle mode- her bikini had been replaced with a single strip of white cloth that barely protected her modesty, as well as an off-white cape with matching shoulder guards, white arm-gloves and thigh-high white boots, the golden bangle on her arm having moved to her left leg.
"Argh!" cried Petra as she struggled against the alchemist's grip, to no avail.
"Hang on, Sophie! I'm coming!" cried Scharlachrot as she ran back toward the battle, having handed Eko off to Nora and Rosa.
Parace swiftly released Petra before teleporting in front of the redhead. "Ah, ah, ah! I don't think so," she admonished as she summoned four gems representing the classical elements- wind, fire, water and earth.
Scharlachrot just growled in response. "Get. Out. Of. My. Way!" She summoned one of her chains, whipping it at her foe, who simply floated to one side to dodge. Parace hen retaliated by causing a small explosion from her fire gem, knocking the Valkyria back a few feet.
Meanwhile, Weiss and Shark Girl were grappling, pushing against each other with gritted teeth. The blonde then fell back, pulling her enemy down with her, then thrusting her leg into Shark Girl's stomach, flipping her onto the ground with a yelp of pain. Weiss then quickly righted herself, summoning another blade from her gauntlet. This time, Shark Girl responded by changing one arm into a swordfish's head, then swinging at Weiss, who blocked with her blade.
"Unwise choice, monster," the albino growled. "My skill with the blade is second to none!"
Meanwhile, Scharlachrot was whipping her chains here and there to try and catch Parace, only for the celestial being to teleport away every time. "Damn it, stand still!"
"Getting a little hot under the collar, are we?" Parace taunted. "Perhaps you need to cool off..." She suddenly appeared right in front of her opponent, before encasing her in a large bubble! The Valkyria freaked at suddenly finding herself unable to breathe, flailing around helplessly as she tried to escape...
But then, an energy bullet pierced the bubble, popping it and dumping a coughing Scharlachrot on the ground. Parace quickly turned as another bullet grazed her shoulder guard, seeing Petra reloading her pistols, before firing again, her opponent swiftly teleporting away, reappearing behind her and snapping her fingers, causing her gems to swirl in a circular pattern hitting Petra rapidly, causing her to stumble forward in pain. Parace then teleported back in front of Scharlachrot, blocking her path once more. This time the redhead jumped back and took a defensive stance, as her opponent intoned, "Salamander!"
The four elemental gems clustered together, before emanating a huge fiery explosion, but Scharlachrot managed to stumble away in time. Parace was then surprised by Petra coming at her from the air, hitting her with a double-footed kick that sent her reeling.
"Scharlachrot!" Petra called as she landed, "We have to work together if we're to have any hope of winning!"
"But Sophie-!" Scharlachrot protested.
"Do not worry about me!" Weiss suddenly shouted as her blade clashed with Shark Girl's. "Focus on her! I can handle this myself!"
"She's right," Parace chuckled, "You really should worry about yourself..." She then conjured several wind traps on the ground, one of which sent Scharlachrot flying into the air, while Petra managed to sidestep. The alchemist then teleported to Scharlachrot's position in the sky-
-only to have a chain whip around her throat. "What-?!"
"Got you, bitch!" Scharlachrot grinned as gravity reasserted itself, the Valkyria using the momentum to swing her chain down to the ground.
"OH SH-!" *CRASH!* A large plume of sand was sent into the air from Parace's bodily impact, while Scharlachrot made a safe three-point landing. (Oh, she's going to pay for that...) The Arcana of Life thought to herself as she teleported again...
But Petra was ready for her. "Zilrael!" she called her Arcana, the alicorn appearing in front of Parace and giving her a intense blast of holy energy!
"Damn you, Lagerkvist!" Parace L'Sia screamed as she flew away, turning her body to dodge the chains Scharlachrot sent at her, before flying upward.
"Baldur!" Scharlachrot called her own Geist, which promptly opened fire with it's anti-air guns, quite a few bullets finding their mark, forcing Parace to teleport back down to the ground. Snapping her fingers again, Scharlachrot screamed as she was caught in an upward spiral of Parace's gems, which pummeled her mercilessly...
Petra opened fire with her ether-pistols, but her target quickly warped away to a closer position, the yellow gem suddenly synthesizing a large rock to fall on her, the noblewoman barely managing to roll out of the way, only to get hit with a quadruple energy blast which left her practically unable to move!
"Any last words, Lagerkvist?" Parace chuckled as she reappeared in front of Petra, about to intone another Salamander... But then, she was unexpectedly kicked in the face by Scharlachrot, who'd managed to create an anchor point for her chain in midair, then swung down from said anchor point to deliver the attack.
"Th-thanks, Scharlachrot," Petra grunted as she recovered from her temporary paralysis.
Back with Weiss, the albino threw her head back to avoid a stabbing thrust from Shark Girl, before grabbing the swordfish head and giving the creature a good kick to the gut. Realizing her current strategy wasn't working, Shark Girl reverted her swordfish arm to normal before whipping around and hitting her opponent with her tail, sending Weiss skidding a few feet away. The monster then leapt into the air, fangs bared, but Weiss was able to roll away, resulting in Shark Girl getting nothing but a mouthful of sand. She quickly sat up and spat out dirt, growling at Weiss...
Back at the other battle, Parace L'Sia was now rapidly teleporting to avoid Petra and Scharlachrot's attacks. Apparently getting frustrated, Scharlachrot summoned Baldur again. "Fire the cannon!" she ordered, which Baldur did...
Only for Parace to simply shift to one side, smirking as the explosive round sailed by. "Missed me," she taunted.
"Wasn't aiming for you!" The alchemist's eyes went wide-
"AAAAAAAaaaaaggghhh!" Shark Girl cried in agony, as her burned and bruised body sailed in an ungraceful arc, before falling into the water with a large splash, her fin and legs briefly sticking up from the water before sinking under, leaving only bubbles behind.
Parace watched the spot where her creation had sunk for a moment, before turning back to Scharlachrot with a miffed expression. "Very clever, Valkyria. Your inherent insanity was the one unknown variable in my calculations..."
"Heh heh heh..." the redhead cackled madly. "You were so focused on us, you completely lost track of what was going on behind you! That's what you get for messing with my Sophie! AHAHAHAHA, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
"It seems you have lost this battle, Parace L'Sia," Petra added with a smirk.
"I suppose so," the Arcana of Life shrugged. "But no matter. This was only a test of my creation's combat abilities, anyway. Clearly refinements have to be made..." She warped over to where Shark Girl had fallen, using her water gem to lift up her pet in a large bubble. "This is far from over, Lagerkvist. We shall meet again..." With that, she teleported away.
"Good riddance to bad rubbish," Scharlachrot muttered, before running over to Weiss. "Sophie, are you okay?"
"I'm fine," Weiss answered. "I only received very minor injuries. Though not necessary, I appreciate your assistance, Scharlachrot." Turning to Petra, she then stated, "However, we must report this incident to the other branches of the Celestial Union as soon as possible, Commander..."
"I share your sentiment, Weiss," the noblewoman agreed. "But before we head back, let us go for a quick swim to cool off first..."
"I second that!" said Scharlachrot, "Fighting in this damn heat's left me all sweaty and sandy!" Without any further do, she took off for the water, jumping and diving in.
"...I suppose you have a point," Weiss acknowledged as her gauntlets vanished and her hair returned to its shorter length. "Shall we then, Commander?"
"I wanna go too!" cried Eko as she ran up, Nora and Rosa behind her.
"Of course you can, Eko," Petra smiled at the child as she handed her pistols over to Rosa. "Let's all go together then..."
With that, the three joined Scharlachrot in the water... they had definitely earned this swim after such a hard battle.

Shark Attack! - An Arcana Heart Story
In celebration of reaching the 'Shark Girl' stretch goal on Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars!!!!!! Kickstarter, I've decided to write a story featuring said character! Enjoy!
Kickstarter here (closed):…
Working on a new story from an obscure fighting game series, Arcana Heart, so hopefully doing something different will help get my motivation back for Rei Ryghts: Ace Attorney...
Dealing with a headache and a lack of motivation, so sadly all stories are on hold until further notice...


Derald Snyder
United States
Pokemon fan since 1999. My first game was Yellow. Associate's in Science from Delta College, April 2009. Proficient in Windows and Linux, and currently learning Mac OS X (my dad's computer).

Also, I'm a straight male, so I like cute girls, as my favorites show, but they have to be in tasteful attire- no nudity. Swimsuits are OK on occasion, though.

Current Residence: Midland, MI
Favourite genre of music: classic rock
Favourite style of art: semi-cartoonish
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