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Turnabout Of The Revengers- Trial Day 1 (Part 2)
Rei Ryghts: Ace Attorney
Turnabout Of The Revengers
By Derald Snyder
Trial- Day 1 (Part 2)
Court Record:
-Crime Scene Photos
-Broken Stage Light
-Piece of Cloth
-Red Spots
-Crime Scene Diagram
-Autopsy Report
-.30-caliber Machine Gun
September 17, 10:38 AM
Lastation City District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 3
"W-well, I c-can safely I d-didn't see that c-coming..." Rei muttered as she stood in the lobby with Uni and K-Sha.
"Me neither..." Uni managed to rasp out.
"I don't get it, though... what could have Mr. Downer have possibly seen?" K-Sha wondered.
"W-well, he was hanging above the s-stage d-during your shot... m-maybe he saw Reggie Wright g-get shot?" Rei guessed.
"But I'm certain he was looking down at me the entire time!" K-Sha insisted. "He's a professional, after all... he wouldn't get distracted that easily!"
Uni shrugged. "Guess we'll... find out..."
"I guess," K-Sha shrugged. "But from now on, I think you should leave the yelling to Miss Rei..."
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Turnabout Of The Revengers- Trial Day 1 (Part 1)
Rei Ryghts: Ace Attorney
Turnabout Of The Revengers
By Derald Snyder
Trial- Day 1 (Part 1)
Court Record:
-Crime Scene Photos
-Broken Stage Light
-Piece of Cloth
-Red Spots
September 17, 9:44 AM
Lastation City District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 3

Uni was somewhat fidgety as she and Rei waited for K-Sha to be escorted from her cell to the lobby. Soon the Gold Third member arrived, escorted by a guard, S-Sha also accompanying her.
"G-good morning!" Rei tried to sound cheerful as K-Sha's handcuffs were unlocked.
"Hi, K-Sha, S-Sha," Uni acknowledged. "I hope it wasn't too rough for you in jail, K-Sha..."
"I'm fine," K-Sha answered. "I've survived in worse conditions than that, after all..."
"So... d-did you come t-to watch the t-trial today?" Rei asked S-Sha.
"That's right," S-Sha nodded. "I called B-Sha and C-Sha and told them what happened. They were both distraught, especially B-Sha... but they were unable to come to court today, due to prior obligations."
"Well, this trial did ki
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Turnabout Of The Revengers- Investigation Day 1
Rei Ryghts: Ace Attorney
Turnabout Of The Revengers
By Derald Snyder
Investigation- Day 1
September 16, 2:13 PM
Lastation City Production Studios
'The Revengers' Movie Set

"Have no fear, the police are here!" declared the detective as he and his fellow police officers entered the studio. "Harold D. Thomas, reporting for duty!" He was somewhat large, but more muscular than fat, though his belly betrayed some paunch. He had short black hair and a full beard, but no mustache. His brown eyes looked about, quickly locking on Kei Jinguji.
"You're late, detective," Kei deadpanned. "It should not have taken you this long to get here, unless you failed to take the most efficient route..."
"Ever hear of traffic, Oracle?" Detective Thomas shot back, as he adjusted his large gray trench coat. "We got here as fast as we could, alright? So then... where's the body?"
"Up in the rafters," Uni spoke up. "I've already taken pictures of the scene..."
The detective blinked in mild surprise. "L-Lad
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Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy Ep. 20
The Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy 
Episode 20
by Derald Snyder
*Leanbox Military Base- Medical Ward*
"Mr. Adrian~..."
Adrian groaned in pain as he slowly opened his eyes. His body had bandages and wrappings all over from the 'punishment' he'd gotten from Iris Heart...
And has he looked to his left, where the voice was coming from, he saw none other than Plutia herself, causing him to rear up in fear, despite the pain he felt from such an action.
"Take it easy, Adrian," another voice up, "we're all friends here, after all..." The soldier's gaze focused on Peach, who was standing directly behind the CPU, immediately feeling his fear ease a bit. "Plutia has something she wants to tell you. Right, Ploot?"
It was then that Adrian noticed that Plutia had a somewhat guilty look on her face. "Mr. Adrian... I'm sorry for what I did. We made a big mistake... But seeing Peashy so sad and upset just got me so worked up..."
"So... I'm guessing Lisa told you the truth of
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Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy Ep. 19
The Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy 
Episode 19
by Derald Snyder
"It's show time," K-Sha affirmed as she took aim. Depressing the triggers, she let loose with a rain of bullets that Iris Heart simply leapt up and flew into the air to avoid.
"Lead bullets... so predictable in their path, so easy to dodge~" the dominatrix CPU taunted.
"How about this, then?!" the brunette retorted as she fired an RPG... which was simply sliced in half by Iris Heart's sword, exploding harmlessly. She then closed the distance, lashing out with a brutal kick, which K-Sha crossed her arms to block, only being pushed back slightly.
Undeterred, Iris followed up by slashing at K-Sha in a V-shaped pattern. "Fighting Viper!" she intoned, the attack sending K-Sha into a brick wall.
The former mercenary quickly regained her feet, before summoning four virtual cards in front of her. "Try dodging this!" she declared as she selected one of the cards, summoning a pair of Twinbits. "Go!" The Twinbits promptl
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Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy Ep. 18
The Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy 
Episode 18
by Derald Snyder
"You sicced Iris Heart on Adrian?! Peashy, what were you thinking?!" Vert said disconcertedly over the phone.
"I'm sorry!" Peach squeaked in distress. "And what's worse, Adrian turned out to be innocent! I can't forgive myself...!"
"A-all right, calm down," The CPU ordered. "First of all, is Adrian the only one Plutia's going after...?"
"...oh no," Peach's voice was barely above a whisper. "She'd... she'd go after that girl too, wouldn't she...?"
"I wouldn't be surprised if she did..." Vert sighed. "Hold on, I'm getting another call..." she checked the ID. "Oh, no, it's Leanbox City Military Base... Looks like Sadie already finished her punishment of Adrian."
"Lady Vert!" Peach suddenly yelled. "Y-you have to go to Lastation and stop her! You're the only one who can!"
"Y-yes, of course..." (But she probably won't listen to me in that form, unless...) Suddenly an idea occurred to her. "Peach, I'm
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Turnabout Of The Revengers- Prologue
Rei Ryghts was seething, as her plans were falling to pieces. The portal to the Ultradimension had been disrupted, her army of Ultra Beasts had been literally nuked, and now this... this *mockery* of a muscleman, with a Dogoo for a head, was confronting her alone?
"ENOUGH!" the HDD CPU screeched. "You are all beneath me! I am a *goddess*, you dumb creature! And I will not be waylaid by-" Her ranting was cut off as the Dogoo Man grabbed her by the face and slammed her to the ground, before tossing her into the air, grabbing her by the leg, and slamming her into the floor again... then a pillar... then the floor again... then a wall.... and finally, into a small set of stairs, her transformation reverting as she lost consciousness.
"Hmph. Puny god," muttered Dogoo Man as he crossed his arms.
"Aaaaaand CUT! Beautiful! That was perfect!" The movie director made an OK sign with his hand, grinning. "OK, now get the rest of the heroes up here for the next cut! Dogoo Man, stand o
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My reaction to Sadie's 'punishment' :iconderaldsny:DeraldSny 0 0
Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy Ep. 17
The Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy 
Episode 17
by Derald Snyder
*Apartment Complex, Third Floor*
Plutia walked up to the door to Peach's apartment. (Mr. Landlord said Peashy wasn't in too good of a mood when he saw her just recently... Hope I can cheer her up,) she thought to herself. Sure enough, as she approached the door, she could hear faint sobbing from the other side... The CPU knocked on the door three times.
"Go away!" Peach's voice echoed. "I don't wanna see anyone...!"
"Peashy, it's Plutia!" the CPU called back. "You don't wanna see me~?" A few seconds later, the door opened, revealing a slightly disheveled Peach, who had tear markings on her cheeks. "Uh-oh, what happened?"
The blonde didn't answer, instead quietly beckoning Plutia inside, shutting the door behind her. The purple-haired girl then sat on the couch, Peach sitting down next to her.
"...I'm glad you're here," the blonde said after a minute. "I'm just.. so upset right now..." She then started c
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Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy Ep. 16
The Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy 
Episode 16
by Derald Snyder
*Leanbox Army Base- Training Grounds*
"C'mon, you call that a punch? Put some oomph into it!"
Adrian's opponent growled as she cocked her fist, before thrusting forward as hard as she could... only for the soldier to easily catch it, before grabbing the girl around the neck and slamming her to the ground.
"You OK?" Adrian asked.
"I've endured worse pain than this," his opponent grunted.
"Alright, good. But you see how I did that? I lifted you up just enough to get you off balance, so I could put you flat on your back." He then released his grip, allowing the girl to stand up. "OK, now you try it."
"Um, but you're taller than me, petty officer..."
"Well then, improvise!" Adrian declared as he started swinging at his opponent, though he telegraphed them somewhat to allow her an opportunity.
The brunette hung back as she pondered her next move... then suddenly, she rushed forward, ducking under Adri
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Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy Ep. 15
The Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy 
Episode 15
by Derald Snyder
Adrian looked over the purple-haired girl standing before him. "So you're Plutia, huh?"
"Thaaaat's me~!" The CPU confirmed with a smile. "And you're Peashy's boyfriend, right? Nice to meet you~"
"Likewise," the soldier nodded as he shook hands with the other girl. "Heh, you look just as cute and adorable as that doll you sent Peashy," he chuckled as he playfully ruffled her hair.
"Hey, don't mess up my hair like that!" Plutia protested as she swiped at Adrian's arm.
"It's kinda messed up already, Plutia..." Peach sighed as she stood off to the side.
"No, it's not! It's all nice and braided, see~?" She flicked her braided ponytail to prove her point.
"I think she was referring more to the hair on top of your head..." Adrian muttered.
"Still, it was nice of you to come and visit me..." Peach said. "I know you must be really busy with your CPU work and all..."
"Oh, it's OK," Plutia shrugged. "Histy and the other
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Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy Ep. 14
The Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy 
Episode 14
by Derald Snyder 
*Peach's Apartment*
"Sega Saturn, shiro!" stated the judo master on the Neptube video.
"I can't believe you actually *enjoy* watching these silly old commercials," Peach sighed as she observed her boyfriend.
"Why, 'cause I'm a Leanbox native, and he's from Planeptune?" Adrian suggested.
"*No*, because Segata is way overrated, in my opinion!" the blonde shot back. "And I was born in Planeptune, remember?!"
Adrian turned to Peach incredulously. "You think he's overrated?!"
"Yeah!" Peach retorted defiantly. "I mean, I could easily handle a judo-flip from him, I could break out of his choke hold, and return the favor!"
"What about his judo throw that makes you explode on impact?" Adrian argued.
"Pffffft!" Peashy waved him off. "The other guy probably just hit a hidden landmine or something! And need I remind you, Segata is helpless against zombies!"
"And you wouldn't be?" her boyfriend raised an eyebr
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Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy Ep. 13
The Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy 
Episode 13
by Derald Snyder 
"Oooooooh yeah..."
It wasn't unusual to hear moans and sighs of contentment from the massage room when Chika Hazozaki worked her magic with her hands...
What *was* unusual, however, was that it wasn't Vert getting the massage this time, but Peashy, who was laying on her front side with her bra strap undone, though she still wore her spandex shorts, socks and shoes. Her body also had a few bandages here and there, from wounds incurred in the battle with Iris Heart.
"I have to admit," muttered Chika, "That working on you is quite a different experience from Lady Vert... you're much more... muscular... oh, here's another knot!"
"Oooh yes!" Peach grunted as the Oracle worked the knot loose... before crying out in pain. "OW! That's a bandage, that's a bandage...!"
"Sorry!" Chika apologized. "I tried to be careful..." She shifted her hands' position. "Here, this spot shouldn't be so painful..."
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Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy Ep. 12
The Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy
Episode 12
by Derald Snyder
"This *can't* be happening!" cried Chika as she and Peach fled through the forest, hearing Iris Heart's chuckling overhead. "Why her? Why here? Why now?!"
"Wish I had an answer!" Peach shouted back between gasps of oxygen. "We're screwed if she catches us though- in more ways than one!"
"Oh, I assure you," Iris Heart's voice echoed from up above, "there's only *one* lady I'm interested in catching..." Suddenly a leather whip lashed out from above, wrapping around Chika's upper arm and pulling her up. "I've got you now~"
"KYAAAAAAA!" the Oracle screamed in terror as Peashy screeched to a halt. Terrified as she was, the bodyguard wasn't going to let that evil CPU have Chika without a fight! Turning around, the blonde crouched and tensed her leg muscles...
No-one was more surprised than Iris Heart to see the armored soldier burst out of the tree cover, unable to react before Peach grabbed her around the neck as
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Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy Ep. 11
The Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy
Episode 11
by Derald Snyder
"You called, Lady Vert?" Chika said excitedly as she ran up. Said excitement immediately dampened, however, when she saw Peach standing nearby with her arms folded. "What is she doing here?!"
"She called me here, too," the soldier stated simply. "So what's up, Lady Vert?"
The busty CPU typed at the keyboard for a few more seconds, before turning to face her subordinates. "I've received word of a wild pack of horned wolves assaulting citizens in the woods outside Gargan City. Or so someone would like us to think..."
"What do you mean?" Peach inquired.
"By observing the patterns of attack, I've come to believe this is a trained pack of wolves, taking orders from a human master. I can't guess at their motives, but nevertheless, we need to nip this in the bud."
"Even so, they should be nothing for you, Lady Vert!" Chika pointed out.
"Unfortunately, I have other business to attend to," Vert stated. "Which is why t
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Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy Ep. 10
The Misadventures of Hyperdimension Peashy
Episode 10
by Derald Snyder
Vert let out a noise that was a combination of a groan and a sigh, sending a message to her fellow 4GO guild members that she had urgent business, before logging off and pulling the headphones off her head. This simply couldn't wait.
As she walked out of her room, Chika came running up in a panic. "She's gonna kill me, Lady Vert!" she squealed as she hid herself behind her goddess, Peach arriving not long after with murder in her eyes.
"What happened this time?" Vert asked pointedly.
"She spray-painted my armor, all different colors!" the blonde soldier growled. "I could tolerate the face-painting and the whoopee cushions, but *this* is going too far! Do you have any idea how long it's gonna take to clean up?!" She began to march forward again...
"Enough!" Vert held up a hand, Peach halting as a result. "Peach, why don't you go outside and go for a jog or something... before you do something you r
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The next chapter of 'Turnabout Of The Revengers' is now complete!
Rei Ryghts: Ace Attorney
Turnabout Of The Revengers
By Derald Snyder

Trial- Day 1 (Part 2)

Court Record:
-Crime Scene Photos
-Broken Stage Light
-Piece of Cloth
-Red Spots
-Crime Scene Diagram
-Autopsy Report
-.30-caliber Machine Gun

September 17, 10:38 AM
Lastation City District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 3

"W-well, I c-can safely I d-didn't see that c-coming..." Rei muttered as she stood in the lobby with Uni and K-Sha.
"Me neither..." Uni managed to rasp out.
"I don't get it, though... what could have Mr. Downer have possibly seen?" K-Sha wondered.
"W-well, he was hanging above the s-stage d-during your shot... m-maybe he saw Reggie Wright g-get shot?" Rei guessed.
"But I'm certain he was looking down at me the entire time!" K-Sha insisted. "He's a professional, after all... he wouldn't get distracted that easily!"
Uni shrugged. "Guess we'll... find out..."
"I guess," K-Sha shrugged. "But from now on, I think you should leave the yelling to Miss Rei..."
"M-maybe you should get a d-drink of water b-before we reconvene, Uni..." Rei suggested. The goddess just silently nodded in response, before running out the door...

September 17, 10:48 AM
Lastation City District Court
Courtroom No. 3

The judge banged his gavel to quiet the crowd. "Court is now back in session. Prosecutor Jinguji, is the witness prepared to testify?"
"...Yes, Your Honor." Kei seemed somewhat hesitant. "He seems to be quite insistent on what he saw... The prosecution calls Tony Downer to the stand!" The blond man walked up to the witness stand, still clad in his golden armor. "Your full name and occupation for the record, please."
"Anthony Downer III," the witness stated. "I'm an actor, currently playing the role of Titanium Man for the upcoming 'Revengers' film. At least, I hope it's still upcoming..."
"I assure you, regardless of the outcome of this trial, I shall do all in my power to ensure this movie goes forward," the Oracle stated in her usual monotone. "Far too much money has been invested in this project to simply back out now..."
(I guess technically, the movie could still be finished without K-Sha, seeing as she only has a minor role...) Rei mused.
"I know she's the prosecutor, but I wish Kei wouldn't act so unconcerned with K-Sha's fate..." Uni whispered, the lawyer nodding in agreement.
"Well, for now, let us focus on the trial at hand," said the judge. "Mr. Downer, your testimony please... and try to remember that this is a courtroom, not a movie set."
"R-right, of course..." Tony assented. "So... it was about when we were just getting started for the day... I was reading over my script when I heard yelling behind the door. So I opened it slightly... and that's when I saw it! Miss K-Sha, holding a machine gun, before pulling the trigger and plugging the guy in front of her! I didn't get a good look at his face, but now that I think about it, he was kinda dressed like Mr. Wright, and I'm certain he was the same height...!"
Not wanting to strain her voice again, Uni simply slammed the bench twice with her hand to get Downer's attention. "How do you know that K-Sha wasn't just practicing on a mannequin or something?"
"That's what I thought at first..." Downer conceded. "But it's what she said right after that bothered me... She was all like, 'that's what you get for insulting Noire!', or something along those lines..."
"I-insulting Noire...?" Uni grunted.
"Miss K-Sha," Kei addressed the defendant directly. "Isn't it true that, the day before the incident, you got in an argument with Mr. Wright concerning Lady Noire?"
"H-huh?" gasped K-Sha. "Oh, that? It wasn't anything that serious... it's just, Mr. Wright insinuated that Noire wanted to take Neptune behind closed doors and do... um... unmentionable things to her! Of course I got offended! We all know Noire's nothing like that! Right, Uni?"
"R-right, of course!" the twin-tailed goddess nodded in agreement.
"Regardless..." Kei Jinguji cut in, "Isn't it true that you got upset to the point where you pulled your gun on Mr. Wright?"
"Eeeeeep!" K-Sha squeaked, going pale. "B-but I only did that to scare him! I wasn't going to pull the trigger!"
"Not right then and there, maybe, with everyone watching," Kei suggested. "But your intense... infatuation with Lady Noire suggests that you wouldn't just let go of such an insult to her that easily..." She then slapped her hand on the bench. "So you just bided your time, waiting for the opportunity where you could discreetly avenge Lady Noire's honor, and kill Mr. Wright apparently unobserved!"
"Noooooooooo!" wailed the ex-yandere, causing the gallery to erupt into chatter.
"Order! Order!" the judge banged his gavel to quiet everyone. "Well, now... it seems that the defendant actually had a compelling motive to kill the victim!"
"Which would make it not manslaughter, but rather, first-degree murder, would it not, Your Honor?" Kei stated.
"AAAAAAHHHH!" cried Rei in shock.
"Nooooooo!" Uni wailed in a similar manner to K-Sha. The crowd started murmuring again, though the judge quickly silenced them with his gavel.
"Oh, man..." Tony Downer muttered. "I didn't wanna believe it... She seemed like such a nice girl, too..."
Uni then slammed her hand on the bench again. "I *don't* believe it! I know that K-Sha's not the trigger-happy yandere she used to be! And Rei and I will prove it, with your cross-examination! Right, Rei?!"
"Huh...? O-oh, right! Yes, of c-course!" The horned lawyer nodded vigorously.
"Very well, then," stated the judge. "Ms. Ryghts, you may begin your cross-examination of Mr. Downer."
"Y-yes, Your Honor!" Rei assented, before clearing her throat. "Mr. Downer... surely it couldn't be just because of K-Sha's words that you thought it was a murder! After all, how do you know she wasn't just getting herself in the right mood for her role?"
"B-but I did see something else!" Downer insisted. "I went back a little later, and I saw what appeared to be blood on the curtains!"
"Blood?!" gasped the judge.
"Y-yeah! Little red spots all over the lower curtains!" the actor asserted. "And when I heard that Mr. Wright wasn't killed where his body was found, that's when it all came together!"
"So that's why he didn't come forward until now..." Uni muttered.
(Spots over the curtains? I wonder...) Rei pondered. "Mr. Downer, would you mind telling us exactly where you saw this supposed murder take place?"
Downer blinked, before scratching his head in confusion. "Um, let me think about that, for a moment... Oh! I remember now! I think it was in that storage room near the back!"
Rei's eyes went wide at this, before she bowed her head. Suddenly, a sinister chuckle admitted from her, which soon progressed into outright diabolical laughter.
"Oh no!" cried the judge. "Someone call security! Rei Ryghts is going berserk again!"
The former goddess quickly cut herself off. "Gkkk... heh heh heh... No, Your Honor, I'm fine. It's just, it's been a while since I've had a witness whose testimony was so easily discredited!"
"D-discredited?!" gasped Downer.
"That's right," Rei nodded, still sporting a sinister smirk. "If you had bothered to pay closer attention to the detective's testimony earlier, you'd have heard that he and his team didn't find blood spatter anywhere in the studio... save for one false alarm! TAKE THAT!" She presented the photo of the red spots. "Is this the 'blood spatter' you saw, Downer?!"
"Yeah, that's it!" the actor nodded.
"Well, sucks to be you then," muttered Uni. "Because Detective Thomas already did a luminol test on these spots... and it came back negative!"
"N-negative?!" Downer grunted, sweating. "But... that means..."
"It means these red spots are nothing more then paint stains!" Rei concluded. "Which means the scene you saw in the storage room really was just K-Sha practicing on a mannequin!"
"Grraaaaaghhh!" cried the actor as his head and arms jerked and spasmed, as if his robot armor was malfunctioning, the gallery once again muttering in confusion...
"Order! Order in the court!" cried the judge as he banged his gavel several times."Mr. Downer, I hope for your sake that you were simply mistaken, and not just trying to garner headlines!"
"O-of course not!" Downer insisted. "But, y'know, now that you mention it... I remember hearing that errand boy talking to the director about accidentally spilling some paint and trying to clean it up, but that he couldn't get it all off the curtains..." He chuckled nervously. "Guess I goofed... sorry about that..."
"Mr. Downer..." Kei heaved a sigh as she put a finger to her forehead. "You may be a good actor, but as far as being a courtroom witness... your performance deserves to be panned."
"Boooooo! Booooooooo!" the gallery chorused.
"Forgive meeeeeee!" Tony Downer yelled, even as he ran out of the courtroom in embarrassment.
"Order! Order! Order in the court!" The judge ordered as he repeatedly banged his gavel. "Miss Jinguji, that was uncalled for! I would advise you not to provoke the gallery any further!"
"My apologies, Your Honor. That wasn't my intent," Kei lamented. "I will endeavor to not let it happen again..."
"The audience probably remembers Downer's previous fall from grace due to drug use," Uni suggested to Rei, who just shrugged in response.
"Still, Prosecutor Jinguji," the judge continued, "for your first day back in court, you aren't doing too well... Two witnesses, both of whom have been completely discredited by the defense!"
"May I remind you that Mr. Downer volunteered himself as a witness," Kei countered. "And under normal circumstances, I never would have allowed him to testify to begin with..."
"Then why did you?" the judge inquired.
"Because of a certain yellow journalist by the name of Razzie Porter," the Oracle pointed out. "I refuse to give that man any ammunition to claim a cover-up of any sort..."
"So you allowed Downer to testify, so you could claim that you've left no stone unturned..." Rei observed.
"Precisely," the platinum-blonde nodded. "However, I had another witness I was about to call, before Mr. Downer interrupted..."
"And who would that be?" the judge asked.
"The prosecution calls Director Iceberg to the stand!" Kei declared without any further ado.
"Wh-what? The director?!" Rei gasped.
The man in question walked up to the stand, wearing a baseball cap on his head and glasses over his blue eyes, heaving a sigh which caused his long grey-brown beard to ruffle slightly. "Your full name and occupation," Kei instructed.
"Steven Iceberg. Movie director," the director stated bluntly, looking like he wanted to be anywhere but here.
"W-why did you call *him* to the stand, Kei?" Uni demanded.
"To testify about the victim's whereabouts and movements before the time his body was discovered," the prosecutor answered. "Mr. Iceberg, if you would care to begin."
"Just a moment," the judge interrupted. "Before we go into that, I'd like to ask the director about why he wanted to use real bullets in the scene to begin with!"
"Wow, I'm surprised he remembered that," Uni muttered.
"Oh, that. Well," Iceberg began, "I wanted to show off how Titanium Man's armor was immune to bullets, and you can't exactly do that with blanks. Of course, we tested the armor on a mannequin first, before Mr. Downer wore it in the shoot. As I said to the detective yesterday, we took every conceivable precaution..."
"But as Lady Uni herself said earlier, the ceiling wasn't exactly conceivable, was it?" Kei finished. "Anyway, now that we have that cleared up, please tell the court about what you saw before the shoot..."
"Yeah, OK," the director sighed. "The truth is... I saw Reggie just before that scene with K-Sha..."
"Y-you saw him? A-as in 'alive'?" Rei gasped.
"Correct," Kei Jinguji nodded. "Now you see why I didn't want Mr. Downer to testify..." The crowd started murmuring at this.
The judge then banged his gavel. "But, if the victim was seen alive by the director, that would mean..."
"The only time that Mr. Wright could have been killed... would be right when K-Sha fired into the rafters during the scene shooting!" the Oracle declared, slapping a hand on the bench for emphasis.
"Nooooooo!" Uni wailed again.
"HOLD IT!" cried Rei. "Director, I demand a more detailed testimony about the victim's movements prior to the scene shoot!"
"Sure, no problem," Iceberg nodded. "That is, if it's all right with you, Oracle..."
"...The prosecution has no objection," Kei deferred. "It doesn't matter how detailed a testimony Ms. Ryghts requests, for it will still not change the basic facts..."
(That's what you think, Jinguji!) Rei thought to herself. (Even the smallest detail can turn a case on it's head! I did it before with the cloth, and I'll do it again now! Just watch, maggot!)
The judge then banged his gavel. "Very well, then. Director Iceberg, you may begin your testimony about the victim's movements that day."
"Yes, Your Honor," Iceberg assented, before clearing his throat. "I first came in about 6:00 AM, to get things ready. Reggie was already there, leaning up against the heat register. I asked him what was wrong, and he said he'd caught a cold of some sort. He sure didn't sound too well... I offered him a day off, but he refused. 'I can still do my job!' he insisted. And sure enough, the lights were put in position like they were supposed to be. I kept going back to check on him, and he was still by the heat register every time... Up until the shoot with Miss K-Sha."
"Was he in the same position every time?" Kei asked.
"Not exactly," Iceberg shook his head. "Every time I went to see him, his position was different..."
"Which would preclude any argument by the defense that the victim was already dead," the Oracle nodded. "That *was* going to be your argument, wasn't it, Ms. Ryghts?"
"Urk!" (How did she know...?!) Rei freaked.
"That's Kei for you," sighed Uni. "Cool as a cucumber, but sharp as a knife..."
"So, the prosecution is arguing that Mr. Wright was alive, up until the scene shoot with the defendant," The judge mused. "Which would mean..."
"That Mr. Wright was killed when Miss K-Sha fired into the ceiling," Kei finished. "Of course, whether she did it with malicious intent or not is still a mystery..."
"B-but I didn't know he was up there! I swear I didn't!" K-Sha insisted.
"I'm inclined to believe you, Miss K-Sha," Iceberg cut in. "Even I didn't know Reggie was up there... and I still stand by my assertion that he would have gotten off the rafters by the time shooting commenced... even if he *was* sick!"
"OBJECTION!" declared Kei. "In this courtroom, we deal in facts, Mr. Iceberg, not assumptions!"
"OBJECTION!" Rei retorted. "Mr. Iceberg and Mr. Wright were well-acquainted with each other, friends through thick and thin! So Director Iceberg would have at least some idea about what Mr. Wright would do in certain situations!"
"Order! Order!" the judge banged his gavel. "Mr. Iceberg's assertion about the victim's actions will be noted in the record. But for now, how about you cross-examine the witness's statements, Ms. Ryghts, not the prosecution's!"
"Y-yes, Your Honor," Rei bowed her head.
"I don't like doing this to the director," Uni muttered, "but we gotta find some way to break his testimony! Otherwise, K-Sha's as good as convicted!"
"I-I know, I know," the lawyer nodded. Taking a breath to clear her mind, she began, "Mr. Iceberg... You said Mr. Wright didn't sound too well. Did you ever, like, check his forehead or anything?"
"Yeah, about noon, I did," Iceberg nodded. "He did seem a little cold... and I when I tried to talk to him, he only mumbled... I got the feeling he was a little uncomfortable with me being so close."
"But how did he look?" Rei pressed. "Did he have a red or runny nose or anything like that?"
"Not that I could tell..." the director admitted. "But he said it was more of a cold cold, than a nose cold... I was inclined to believe him, seeing as he was wearing a red vest over his normal clothes..."
(Wait... a red vest?) "HOLD IT!" the horned lawyer said aloud. "Take a look at these crime scene photos, Director! Do you see a red vest anywhere?!"
"Oh my!" gasped the judge. "You're right, Ryghts! The only red thing in these photos is the victim's blood! Although the rest of the victim's clothes seem remarkably clean..." The crowd began to mutter in confusion...
Rei then slammed her fists on the bench. "So, Director, would you mind telling me what happened to this red vest the victim was supposedly wearing?!"
"...It's at the laundromat," Iceberg stated simply.
"Th-the laundromat?"
"Yeah, I found it laying next to the stage right after that shoot," the bearded man explained. "My errand boy offered to take it to the laundromat to get it washed, so..." He heaved a sigh. "I felt kinda bad for the kid, since Reggie had already gone to the laundromat last night, to wash the costumes from that day's shooting..."
"Last night?" Uni pondered. "But I thought that laundromat closed early..."
"The owner's a friend of a friend," Iceberg pointed out. "He gave me the key to use the laundromat after hours, so we wouldn't get swamped by raving fans or reporters... But yeah, sorry, Rei... if there *was* any evidence on that vest, it's been washed clean away..."
"Too bad for you, Ms. Ryghts," Kei shook her head. "Unfortunately, your case-breaking contradiction has turned out to be a dud..."
"Urk!" the lawyer grunted, sweating slightly.
The judge shook his head. "It would seem the defense has been unable to find any holes in Mr. Iceberg's testimony. Which would mean that the prosecution's assertion, that Mr. Wright was killed when the defendant fired into the ceiling during the scene shoot, is the correct version of events..."
"No! That can't be right!" Uni insisted. "Do something, Rei!"
"Ugh..." (Something does seem suspicious about Mr. Wright's actions, but...)
"Well then, I believe it's time to pronounce my verdict," the judge declared, banging his gavel. "This court finds the defendant..."
"HOLD IT!" cried Rei. "J-just a minute, Your Honor! I'm n-not done yet!"
"Ms. Ryghts, enough," the judge shook his head again. "The witness's testimony is ironclad. Any further deliberations would be a waste of this court's time..."
"Now, now, Your Honor," Kei Jinguji suddenly cut in. "Why so hasty to hand down your verdict? Or have you forgotten about a certain yellow journalist... who will take any opportunity he can to claim a cover-up?"
"J-just what are you insinuating, Prosecutor Jinguji?!" The judge grunted, looking a bit flustered.
"Nothing, Your Honor," the Oracle responded. "But in the interest of fairness, why not give the defense one last chance?"
The older man heaved a sigh. "Miss Jinguji, as far as I'm concerned, you've already proven your case. But, if you insist, I'll give the defense one last chance to counter-argue. Just be advised, Ms. Ryghts, you had better not entertain any wild fantasies that belong in a movie rather than the courtroom!"
"N-no sir!" Rei insisted. "I j-just need a l-little time..."
"...very well," the judge agreed. "But my patience is not infinite. I can tell when someone's just stalling for time, after all..."
"I understand, Your Honor," the lawyer acknowledged. (If I'm ever going to get K-Sha off the hook... I need to figure out when and where Mr. Wright was actually killed!) With that, Rei closed her eyes and went into deep thought...
(OK, let's start with when the body was discovered, and work backwards. Reggie Wright was found shot dead in the light fixtures above where K-Sha's scene was being shot. But a piece of his shirt being torn off a few feet away suggests the body was moved. Which means the victim was likely killed somewhere else. So, first question: Where was Mr. Wright seen before his dead body was discovered?
*Standing by the heat register*

(Right. The director, Steve Iceberg, testified that he'd seen Mr. Wright standing by the heat register keeping warm, though it wasn't really cold at all in the studio that day. Is there any discrepancy between Mr. Iceberg's testimony and how the body was found?)
*The victim was wearing a red vest*

(Mr. Iceberg testified that he saw Reggie wearing a red vest when he was sitting by the heater. But it was nowhere to be found when the body was discovered. So what was the purpose of the red vest?)
*To hide the bullet wound*

(Wait, what if Mr. Wright was already dead when the director saw him, and the vest was just hiding the fatal injury? True, Mr. Iceberg heard him talking, but maybe that was the real killer faking his voice. But if that's the case... why was the body propped next to the heat register?)
*To keep the body warm*

(Of course! The body was being kept warm in order to throw off the real time of death! Which means... Mr. Wright must have been shot dead long before his death was discovered. So when was Mr. Wright actually killed?)
*The night before*
(And just where was the victim supposed to be last night?)
*Washing costumes at the laundromat!*

(That's it!) thought Rei, (That explains why the victim's clothing was so clean! It was because after killing the victim, the murderer washed his clothes right there, to get get rid of most of the blood! Of course!) Her eyes opened, a triumphant smirk on her face.
"Did you figure it out?" Uni asked in near desperation.
"I have," Rei nodded. Director Iceberg! When you talked with Mr. Wright at the heat register... you said his position changed every time you went back to check on him. But did you ever actually see him move? Did he nod or gesture with his hands?"
"Uh... no, actually, now that I think about it..." the director muttered in confusion.
"Just as I thought," Rei asserted. "Mr. Iceberg, I really hate to break this to you, but... I'm afraid you were talking to a dead corpse."
"W-w-what?!" Iceberg gasped.
"OBJECTION!" Kei declared. "Just what are you basing this on, Ms. Ryghts?"
"I call your attention back to the red vest from earlier," Rei answered. "Contrary to what the director, the vest wasn't being used to just to keep the body warm... it was also used to cover up the fatal bullet wound in Mr. Wright's chest!"
"To cover up the wound?!" gasped the judge.
"HOLD IT! What did you mean just now, saying the vest wasn't 'just' used to keep the body warm?" Kei asked.
"That's why the body was propped next to the heat register!" the horned lawyer asserted. "To throw off the medical examiner's determination of the time of death! It was all part of the killer's plan to make all believe that Reggie Wright was alive until the scene with K-Sha! When in fact, Mr. Wright was already long dead before then!"
"Is that so?" said Kei, not looking the least bit perturbed. "Then tell us, when and where was the victim killed?"
"The director already told us!" Rei answered. "He said that Mr. Wright went to the nearby laundromat last night, to wash the costumes! That's when he was killed!"
"OBJECTION!" Kei retorted. "If the victim had been killed at the laundromat, then how did the lights get put in their proper position, without Mr. Wright to move them?"
"Th-the real killer m-moved the lights himself!" Rei shot back. "And I have circumstantial evidence to back up my assertion!"
"And what evidence would that be?" inquired the judge.
"TAKE THAT!" Rei declared, presenting the broken stage light. "My evidence is this stage light that fell at the time the body was discovered!"
"OBJECTION! Come now, Ms. Ryghts," the Oracle shook her head, "That light was knocked down by Dogoo Man by accident! He even admitted as much himself!"
"OBJECTION!" the former goddess retorted. "Sure, Dogoo Man may be stronger than your average... uh, Dogoo, or your average human, for that matter... but what if the light wasn't knocked down because of his clumsiness... but because it was hung incorrectly?!"
"Incorrectly?" the judge blinked.
"Exactly," Rei nodded. "Which is a mistake an experienced light technician like the victim would never have made!"
Kei Jinguji began to tense up slightly. "Even *if* what you say is true about the stage lights, if the victim had really met his end at the laundromat, don't you think somebody would have noticed blood left behind by the victim by now?!"
"Uhhh..." Rei sweat-dropped. (Crap, didn't think about it that far...)
"Um, actually," Director Iceberg interrupted, "There is one place where he could have been killed..."
"Wh-what?!" gasped Kei, beads of sweat now starting to form on her brow.
"And where would that be?" the judge inquired.
"There's an old red rug that lays in front of the washers and dryers," Iceberg explained. "If... if Reggie got shot and his body collapsed there, his blood would have blended in with that rug, and no-one would be the wiser..."
"Nggoooooh!" the Oracle visibly recoiled.
"HAAAAAA-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!" Rei laughed triumphantly. "Looks like your star witness ended up working in MY favor, Jinguji!"
"Hrrrrrrgggh!" Kei groaned, now hunched over the bench, propped up on one elbow. "It can't be... I've... I've been hoist on my own petard...!"
The crowd went into a tizzy at this. "Look at Oracle Jinguji!" "I've never seen her so flustered before!" "The defense's argument must have really gotten to her!" "Does this mean the defendant is innocent after all?!"
"ORDER! ORDER! Order in the court!" The judge yelled, banging his gavel several times. "Miss Jinguji, I implore you, please pull yourself together!"
"I've gotta second the gallery on this one," Uni said. "Even *I* don't recall seeing Kei all out of whack like that..."
"Your Honor!" Rei slammed her fists on the bench. "I believe we've discovered a new possibility in this case! There is a potential crime scene that has not yet been investigated!" Pointing her finger, she insisted, "This has to be looked into!"
"Hmmm... while I'm reluctant to concur with Rei Ryghts on anything," the judge began, "the defense has made a surprisingly good case for the laundromat being the actual crime scene. This possibility should indeed be investigated thoroughly. Does the prosecution have any objections?"
"N... no, Your Honor," Kei grunted, having managed to straighten up. "I'll have Detective Thomas close down the laundromat and begin investigating at once..."
(We... we did it!) thought Rei, (Somehow, I managed to find another place the crime could have been committed... And with that, K-Sha should be well on her way to a 'not-guilty' verdict!)
"Well then," said the judge, "I suppose we'll adjourn for today..."
"HOLD IT!" a voice suddenly cried out.
"What? Who said that?!" the judge exclaimed.
"I d-didn't say it..." Rei denied.
"Nor did I," said Kei.
"Don't look at me!" exclaimed Iceberg.
Then, the sound of someone slapping the bench was heard. Everyone turned toward the sound...
To see Lastation's CPU Candidate, raising her hand, again rubbing her throat. "It was me," she rasped out.
(Uni?!) thought Rei.
"Bailiff, get Lady Uni some water!" the judge ordered. The bailiff complied, giving the twin-tailed goddess a water bottle, which she took a long pull from.
"You had something you wished to say?" Kei prodded.
Uni nodded as she swallowed. "*gulp*- Yeah, I did... it's just, I wasn't sure of a good time to bring this up... but now that court's about to be adjourned..."
"J-just s-spit it out already, Uni..." Rei groaned.
"...The crime scene photos," Uni clarified, holding up the very pictures in question. "I keep looking at them, and something keeps bothering me about the blood spatter on the victim's chest..."
"The blood spatter?" Kei muttered in slight confusion.
"Yeah," Uni nodded. "It's almost like... someone drew some sort of pattern or symbol in the blood, then tried to wipe it away... I have no idea what it could mean, though..."
"Now that you mention it," Kei began, "I also recall thinking something was suspicious about the pattern of the blood, but I dismissed it as coincidence."
"Well, I happened to dabble in calligraphy back in law school," the judge stated. "May I see the photos? Perhaps I can discern the pattern..."
"Sure thing, Your Honor," Uni agreed, handing the photos to the bailiff, who walked over and handed them to the judge. The robed man then adjusted his glasses as he closely studied the blood pattern, his brow furrowed...
"...Well, Your Honor?" Kei inquired after a few moments.
"Hmmm, well... I can't be 100% certain, but..." the judge straightened up. "It appears to resemble a Japanese Kanji... more specifically, the kanji for the word 'ryuu', or 'dragon' in English."
"D-dragon?" Rei grunted.
"AAAAAAHHHHHH!" K-Sha cried out. "It... it can't be...! Not him...!"
"Miss K-Sha?!" the judge gasped. "What's the matter?!"
"D-do you know what the symbol means, K-Sha?" Uni asked urgently.
"It's... it's..." the former mercenary swallowed hard. "It's the calling sign... of the Dragon Killer!"
"WHAT?! The Dragon Killer?!" Kei recoiled again.
"The Dragon Killer?!" the judge cried in shock. "You mean that infamous serial murderer that the police have never found?!"
"S-serial murderer?!" Rei yelled. The crowd began chattering excitedly.
"Yes," K-Sha nodded. "It's him... I'm certain of it! He must have killed Mr. Wright and then tried to frame me!"
*Crime Scene Photos updated in Court Record.*
"F-frame you?!" Uni gasped.
"HOLD IT!" Kei interjected. "Miss K-Sha, why do you believe the Dragon Killer would frame you, of all people?"
"That's simple," the brunette muttered, her voice having dropped several octaves. "I was the one that got away... I was supposed to be one of his victims!"
"WHAAAAAAAAT?!" everyone cried out. The gallery was thrown into such a ruckus, the judge had no choice but to adjourn the court for the day...

*To be continued...*
Since I've been going a bit slow, I've decided to split the next chapter of 'Turnabout Of The Revengers' in two to get it out faster. I've already started work on the second part as we speak...
Rei Ryghts: Ace Attorney
Turnabout Of The Revengers
By Derald Snyder

Trial- Day 1 (Part 1)

Court Record:
-Crime Scene Photos
-Broken Stage Light
-Piece of Cloth
-Red Spots

September 17, 9:44 AM
Lastation City District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 3

Uni was somewhat fidgety as she and Rei waited for K-Sha to be escorted from her cell to the lobby. Soon the Gold Third member arrived, escorted by a guard, S-Sha also accompanying her.
"G-good morning!" Rei tried to sound cheerful as K-Sha's handcuffs were unlocked.
"Hi, K-Sha, S-Sha," Uni acknowledged. "I hope it wasn't too rough for you in jail, K-Sha..."
"I'm fine," K-Sha answered. "I've survived in worse conditions than that, after all..."
"So... d-did you come t-to watch the t-trial today?" Rei asked S-Sha.
"That's right," S-Sha nodded. "I called B-Sha and C-Sha and told them what happened. They were both distraught, especially B-Sha... but they were unable to come to court today, due to prior obligations."
"Well, this trial did kind of happen on short notice..." Uni pointed out. "By the way, where's that Tori kid?"
"He wasn't interested," S-Sha shrugged. "He seemed convinced that K-Sha was guilty, though he didn't say it outright..."
"Guess we'll just have to prove him wrong then," Uni asserted. "Right, Rei?"
"R-right!" the lawyer nodded.
"...You don't sound very confident," S-Sha observed.
"She always sounds like that when she's not in goddess form, though," K-Sha pointed out.
"Is that so?" the white-haired woman muttered. "By the way, I heard the Oracle herself is prosecuting?"
"R-really?!" K-Sha gasped, looking over at Rei and Uni.
"Well, you know Kei," Uni shrugged. "Always trying to be as efficient as possible..."
"Miss Attorney!" the bailiff called. "Court is about to commence! Please bring the defendant with you and take your place at the bench!"
"Guess that's our cue," the twin-tailed goddess muttered. "You ready for this, Rei?"
"A-as I'll ever be," the lawyer nodded nervously.
"I will be watching from the gallery," S-Sha stated. "K-Sha, Ms. Ryghts... good luck." With that, she turned and walked out.
"OK then," K-Sha took a deep breath to calm herself. "Mission start!"

September 17, 10:00 AM
Lastation City District Court
Courtroom No. 3

"Order! Order!" The judge banged his gavel to quiet the courtroom. "This court will come to order! The trial of K-Sha of Gold Third will now commence."
"The defense is ready, Your Honor," Rei stated solemnly.
"The prosecution is ready, Your Honor," Kei Jinguji concurred.
The judge, an older man with black hair, black eyes, gray mustache and beard, neatly trimmed, blinked as he peered through thick-rimmed spectacles. "Oracle Jinguji? You're leading the prosecution today?"
"That I am," Kei nodded. "I know it's been a while, but given the circumstances, mainly the fact that I am already familiar with the facts of the case, led to my decision to stand in court today."
"I see," the judge nodded in comprehension. "That's just so like you, Oracle..." He then looked over at the defense's bench, before doing a double-take. "Please tell me that's not Rei Ryghts I'm seeing leading the defense..."
"Meep!" Rei squeaked as the crowd started to murmur. (I should have seen this coming...)
"So what if she is?" Uni spoke up defiantly. "Both Noire and I are perfectly fine with this, so deal with it, Your Honor!"
"CPU Candidate Uni?!" the judge blinked in surprise. "You're assisting this woman?!"
"Th-that's right," the goddess's voice wavered slightly. "K-Sha's a good friend of mine, after all!"
"It shouldn't matter who the defense attorney is anyway," Kei spoke up. "After all, you're supposed to be IMPARTIAL, aren't you, Your Honor?"
The judge visibly recoiled at this. "W-well, that's... er, *ahem* Y-yes, of course you're right, Miss Jinguji..." He then banged his gavel once, to quiet the gallery. "It's just, I happened to be vacationing in Planeptune when she caused that ruckus..."
"I'm sorry! I'm so very sorry!" Rei reflexively apologized. "I d-don't even remember d-doing that anyway...!"
"Yes, I know," the judge acknowledged. "You were found not guilty by reason of insanity, if I recall..."
"Which means she deserves the benefit of the doubt, right Your Honor?!" Uni insisted, slapping one hand on the bench for emphasis.
The judge nodded twice at this. "Y-yes, of course... that being said, I won't tolerate any misbehavior from you in my courtroom. Is that understood, Ms. Ryghts?!"
"Y-yes, Your Honor!" Rei agreed. "I p-promise, I d-do my l-lawyering b-by the book!"
"Good." The judge banged his gavel. "Now then, if you would present your opening statement, Oracle..."
"*Ahem*," Kei cleared her throat loudly in disapproval.
"I-is something wrong, Oracle?" the older man asked.
"I would prefer that you use the proper title when addressing me, Your Honor," Kei stated. "I am the prosecutor for this case, and you will refer to me as such."
The judge recoiled again. "O-oh, right, of course, Oracle... I mean, Prosecutor Jinguji..."
"Wow, Kei sure has the judge whipped, huh?" Uni muttered to Rei.
"S-she sure does," the lawyer agreed. (Though in this case, that might actually be a *good* thing...)
The judge then cleared his throat. "Anyway, Prosecutor Jinguji, your opening statement, if you please."
"Thank you, Your Honor," Kei nodded, before beginning, "The incident occurred yesterday on September 16th at Lastation City Production Studios, just before 2 PM. Director Steven Iceberg and his crew were wrapping up shooting a scene for his latest movie, when a stage light fell and crashed on the studio floor. Thankfully no one was injured, however that incident led to the discovery of the dead body of Reggie Wright, a stage light technician and close acquaintance of the director. It appeared that he had been shot dead while adjusting the lights above where the scene was being filmed. And it just so happens that the defendant fired a machine gun towards the ceiling during filming... at precisely the spot where the body was discovered!"
The crowd began murmuring at this, until the judge banged his gavel. "But, if what you say is true, Oracle- *ahem* Prosecutor, then wouldn't this just be a tragic accident? Why bring this case to trial?"
"Two reasons," Kei answered. "First, the director disputes the order of events. He is adamant that Mr. Wright would not be stupid enough to put himself in such a dangerous position to begin with. The second reason," she continued, "is that a yellow journalist by the name of Razzie Porter managed to gain access to the crime scene, and threatened to insinuate a scandal due to Mr. Wright's death. Thus, I decided to bring this case to trial in order to pre-empt him."
"Razzie Porter... I know that name," the judge muttered in disgust. "He forced one of my fellow judges to retire from the bench early, on nothing but hearsay and circumstantial evidence!"
"It's fine, Your Honor," Uni cut in. "That guy ran like a chicken with his head cut off when he realized that Rei here was really upset with him!"
"Oh my!" the judge's eyes went wide. "I likely would have done the same thing, if I were in his shoes..."
(You're not exactly helping my standing with the judge here, Uni!) Rei thought to herself, sweating slightly.
The judge then banged his gavel. "Anyway, Prosecutor Jinguji, I believe it's time you called your first witness..."
"Very well," Kei nodded. "The prosecution calls Detective Harold Thomas to the stand!"

The detective looked much the same as yesterday, though he'd put on a formal tie for his court appearance.
"State your full name and occupation for the record," Kei ordered.
"M-my full name?" The large man stammered. "Do I have to...?" His only response was an insistent glare from the Lastation Oracle. "OK, OK... My name is... Harold Dick Thomas. I'm the detective leading the investigation..."
"No wonder he didn't want to give his full name," Uni muttered. "I can already see the pun..."
"Detective Thomas. Please testify about the results of your investigation," Kei stated.
"Yes, sir!" Thomas answered. "So, if everyone could take a look at the diagram here..." He held up a large drawing. "This is a diagram of the stage where the shooting took place. The defendant was standing close to the center when she pointed her machine gun up and fired a short burst, in accordance with the script. And right above, up in the rafters, is where the victim's body was found. Mr. Wright had three bullets lodged in his chest, the center one was the fatal shot, though the other two probably didn't help..."
*Crime Scene Diagram added to the Court Record.*
"I assume you have the autopsy report, then?" Kei inquired.
"Yes, ma'am! Right here!" Thomas exclaimed, holding up some papers. "We included the ballistics test along with it... the bullets found in Mr. Wright's chest were definitely from the gun used by the defendant in the scene filming."
"They were?!" gasped Uni. The crowd began mumbling and muttering, until the judge banged his gavel.
(Par for the course for me...) Rei sighed inwardly.
*Autopsy Report added to the Court Record.*
"So you have the weapon in question, detective?" the Oracle asked.
"Yep!" Detective Thomas lifted up the gun in question, wrapped in plastic. "It's one of a pair that was used by the defendant for the filming... But of course, even identical guns have different rifling patterns..."
"Could we have a little more info on the gun in question? ...unless you'd like to enlighten us, Lady Uni, seeing as you're the firearms expert here..." Kei suggested.
"Uh, s-sure!" the goddess nodded. "It's a .30-caliber automatic machine gun that fires continuously when you hold the trigger down. However, this particular model, if you only pull the trigger briefly, will simply fire a short, three-round burst. I personally recommended it to K-Sha so she wouldn't waste so much ammo during filming..."
*.30-caliber Machine Gun added to the Court Record.*
"I see," the judge nodded. "But why not use blanks instead of real bullets?"
"That was the director's idea," Uni shrugged. "You'd have to ask him, though he did ask me to help set up the stage so no-one was shot by accident..." She then bowed her head in shame. "Never thought about the ceiling, though..."
"OBJECTION!" Rei cut in. "Uni, there was no way you could have known about that...!"
Kei just sighed and put a finger to her forehead. "Objecting to your own partner, Ms. Ryghts? Really?"
"I-I'm just saying she sh-shouldn't beat herself up t-too much..." the lawyer protested.
"This from the woman who constantly beats herself up over every little thing..." the Oracle shook her head.
(Ouch! That was low, Jinguji!) Rei winced to herself.
The judge then banged his gavel. "Alright, ladies, if we could move on, please... Detective Thomas, did your investigation turn up anything else?"
"Well, we looked around the whole studio for blood spatter, at Lady Uni's request..." Thomas muttered, one hand to his bearded chin. "But other than a false alarm, we didn't find anything of the sort. So the only conclusion we can draw is that Mr. Weight was killed right where his body was found, during the filming of the movie scene..."
"OBJECTION!" declared Rei. "Unfortunately for you, Detective, I have evidence that disputes your theory!"
"What?! You do?!" Thomas gasped, eyes wide.
"You do?!" cried the judge.
"Yes, I do," Rei nodded. "I'd like to call your attention to this scrap of cloth found near the body. If you compare it to the crime scene photo, you'll find it matches perfectly with this tear in the victim's shirt..."
"And just what is that supposed to prove?" Kei challenged. "Clearly the victim just tore his shirt when he was getting into position..."
The former goddess just shook her head. "I'm sorry, prosecutor, but I'm afraid that's not very plausible. The piece of cloth is located quite low on the rafters, which means it'd be a stretch to believe that Mr. Wright simply got his shirt caught. And even if he did, wouldn't he simply stop and dislodge his shirt, instead of allowing it to tear?"
"Oh my! That's a good point!" exclaimed the judge.
"So then," Rei continued, "Wouldn't it be far more believable that this tear happened... because Mr. Wright was *dragged* across the rafters?"
"Dragged?" Kei raised an eyebrow.
"But, why would Mr. Wright let someone drag him across the rafters?" Detective Thomas muttered in confusion.
"Simple, Detective," Rei declared, pointing her finger. "Because Mr. Wright was already dead!"
Thomas cried in shock. The crowd began chattering in confusion...
"...Interesting. Continue, Ms. Ryghts," Kei deferred.
Rei nodded. "The defense's theory is this: Reggie Wright was shot dead by K-Sha's gun before her scene was filmed, then his corpse was quickly moved into position after the shoot was completed! The haste with which the body was moved explains the tear in his shirt! And may I add," Rei slammed her fists on the bench, "If Mr. Wright had really been shot dead when K-Sha fired into the rafters, wouldn't the blood from his wound have dripped down to the stage?!"
"...!" The Oracle's eyes went wide as she tensed up.
"Oh noooo!" cried Thomas, clutching his hair. "I didn't even think of that!"
"Order! Order!" The judge banged his gavel several times to quiet the gallery. "Well, Ms. Ryghts, I must say I'm impressed... with just one scrap of cloth, you've completely turned this case on its head!"
"OBJECTION!" Kei interjected. "Your Honor, you've forgotten one very important fact!"
"And what would that be, Prosecutor Jinguji?" The judge asked.
"The fact that Detective Thomas and his investigative team already searched the entire studio and found no blood spatter anywhere!" the Oracle pointed out.
"Oh, right..." the older man muttered. "How do you respond to that, defense?"
"Well, who said that Mr. Wright was killed in the studio?" Rei responded. "The possibility still exists that the victim was killed in one of the other studios, or in one of dressing rooms, or anywhere else in the building, for that matter! Did that possibility ever occur to you, detective?!"
"Uh, well..." Thomas stammered.
"In fact, may I remind the court," Rei continued, "that the only reason Detective Thomas searched the studio in the first place was specifically because Uni herself requested it!" She then slammed her fists on the bench. "Detective Thomas, you're a sham! As soon as you heard about K-Sha using a gun in her scene shoot, you had already made up your mind that she was the guilty party! You let your personal bias influence your investigation, you pathetic worm!"
"AAAAGGHH!" Detective Thomas cried, clutching his head in his hands. "I'm sooooooorryyyy!" The crowd started chattering again.
"Order! Order in the court!" yelled the judge as he banged his gavel several times.
"...I'm disappointed in you, Detective Thomas." Kei shook her head. "I'm afraid I have to concur with the defense, at least as far as your bias is concerned. I'll be sure to make a note of this for when your next salary assessment comes about."
"Auuugghh! Not a pay cut! Anything but that!" Harold Thomas pleaded.
"Step down, detective. You've done enough for one day," the Oracle stated bluntly, causing the bearded man to hang his head and slowly walk off in shame.
"Geez, I almost feel sorry for him now," Uni sighed. "Kei sure doesn't pull her punches when it comes to incompetence..."
"Well, he b-brought it on himself," Rei shrugged.
The judge then banged his gavel once more. "Well, so far, the defense seems to have made a compelling case... that Mr. Wright was at least not killed where his body was found."
"The question is, if that's the case, then where was he killed?" Kei Jinguji pointed out. "Would the defense care to make any suggestions?"
"I'm, um, s-still working on th-that..." Rei grunted, tapping her index fingers together...
"HOLD IT!" a loud male voice called out, which caused everyone to turn their attention towards the courtroom doors...
A golden suit of futuristic armor stood there, making a silly pose. "When the sword of evil swings down, the one and only Titanium Man is there to stop it with his indestructible armor!"
"T-Titanium Man?!" the judge gasped in confusion.
Kei was not amused. "...Mr. Downer, do you have something you wish to say to the court?"
The man in robot suit faltered, before removing his helmet, a sheepish look on his face. "I'm guessing you didn't like that entrance? Guess I gotta work on the delivery, huh?"
Immediately the gallery erupted into excited chatter. "Oh my goddess! Is that who I think it is?!" "It is! It's Tony Downer in the flesh!" "Oh wow! He looks even dreamier in person!" "Eeeek! He just looked at me! I think I'm going to die!"
"Order! ORDER! Order in the court, I say!" The judge yelled as he banged his gavel repeatedly, to no avail.
"QUIET!" Uni screamed as loud as she could. That did the trick, the crowd quieting down, apparently not wishing to provoke their CPU Candidate any further. The goddess then gestured to Rei, rubbing her suddenly-sore throat.
"Um, right," Rei shook her head to dissipate the ringing from Uni screaming practically in her ear. "*Ahem* Mr. Downer, are you here to testify, or just make a fool of yourself?!"
"Um, well, you see..." Downer stammered. "I think... I think I might've witnessed the moment of the murder!"
"WHAT?!" cried the judge.
"WHAT?!" Rei yelled as well. Uni looked surprised as well, as the crowd started murmuring in confusion.
Even Kei looked shocked. "Your Honor, may I request a short recess in order to confer with Mr. Downer on what he witnessed?"
"Y-yes, I think that would be prudent," the judge agreed. "We will take a ten minute recess in order for the prosecution to properly prepare the witness, and for Lady Uni to regain her voice. Court is adjourned!"

To be continued...
Status Update: First trial chapter of 'Turnabout of the Revengers' is about 40% complete... couldn't work on it much today, though, since I was busy helping my family with getting my grandparents' yard cleaned up... :|


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Also, I'm a straight male, so I like cute girls, as my favorites show, but they have to be in tasteful attire- no nudity. Swimsuits are OK on occasion, though.

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